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Living room : sofas and armchairs

All our sofas and armchairs are from first quality.  A maximum seating comfort and first quality fabrics and other materials.  A lot of our living furniture like the sofas and armchairs are made in Belgium. (Leda)

Excellent price/quality ratio.

Zeer goede prijs/kwaliteit verhouding.

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A. Kies hier je Leda fauteuil of bank !
0,00 EUR  
Bankstel Portland van Leda
0,00 EUR  
Bankstel Victoria Leda
0,00 EUR  
Bankstel Wyoming/Kansas in stof van Leda.
0,00 EUR  
Fauteuil Pim van Leda
880,00 EUR  
Fauteuil Wyoming
983,00 EUR  
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