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Renovation and restoration of old furniture

  • The managers are both graduated as antique experts and antique restorers.
    They  have the experience and know very well how and when to restore a chest or another piece of furniture.

  • We work in our own work-houses for all the restorations and renovations.

  • It is a restorator under his supervision, or the manager himself who restore. And this all following the deontological rules.

  • Also we renovate your own furniture.
    No problem for us to upholster and cane your chairssmall seats andarmchairs.

  • You can even let us remove the paint or let us disinfect your furniture.  Refreshing, colouring, polishing, patinating,…

  • With the most excellent garnish materials we can refresh your small seats and armchairs.
    In consultation with you we make proper arrangements and free price quotes.

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